The Grove is a purpose-driven fellowship in Houston, TX, with the goal of helping Houston churches be more effective at calling neighbors to rethink Christ’s call. It’s purpose is also to coach others to help them grow in order for them to effectively provide guidance to others as well. Then there are other purposes where the Grove provides property for the local community to use as a connecting point

For this logo, I have chosen to design it as a wordmark, firstly because I wanted “The Grove” to be the priority and wanted to put emphasis on the name, as opposed to having the name secondary next to an image or an icon. Secondly, by delivering a hand-lettered, typographic logo, I have given it a humanistic approach that makes it personal to the user and to the audience, rather than giving it a corporate branding.

When briefed on this design, I was given to work with a very large volume of content: The goals and visions of The Grove; The purpose of The Grove, which is to coach others for individual growth; The teachings of The Grove, which is to ReThink, ReAlign, and ReNew; The symbols and other information under the website; The attitude of The Grove, which is connecting with everyone (Christian or not). The main challenge I faced was to design a logotype that was simple, yet represented all of these different aspects of The Grove. I have solved this problem by creating unique letterforms that hinted at what The Grove was all about.


Design Rationale


The “R” used in the logo is unique in that it provides 2 messages.

The first is its intertwining feature; not only is intertwining an appropriate visual to The Grove, it also shows “connectedness” and represents a community within The Grove.

The second is its extended leg visually supporting the “O”, and this shows The Grove supporting its community and supporting individuals to grow and serve in their churches.



This was a challenge because it was difficult to package a large amount of information into a single letterform. I have solved this problem by making use of a unique “O”

The main teachings of The Grove are to ReThink, ReAlign, and ReNew. The symbol I thought of was the ‘refresh wheel’ and I have designed the “O” as one, so now it acts as a branding element for The Grove.



One thing that stuck out to me from the brief was the statement “The Grove has an openness to engage with neighbors, regardless of their beliefs. We are a resource for all of God’s flock (not a pen to collect sheep)”. Because of this openness to both Christians and non-Christians, and The Grove wanting to connect with all varieties of people, I designed the logo so that a Cross was not a dominant symbol, but rather subtly represented in the tail of the “G”

A second subtlety can be found in the letter “e”. When working with a name like “The Grove”, it is very easy and very tempting to simply illustrate a tree and submit a rather obvious logo. For this logotype, I have hidden a leaf within the letter “e”, and it acts as a sort of jewel that people can find and admire. And the leaf also represents growth and is a fitting symbol to the name “The Grove”.



For the color, I have used a darker shade of green so it stands out boldly on a light background. For application, I would suggest using a green logo on a white background, or a white logo on green, such as websites, T-shirts and stationary.

Despite it being easy to go the obvious route, I have chosen a direction to design the logo to be filled with subtleties. At first glance, it is artistic, simple, and appealing, but upon further inspection, is intellectual, meaningful, and rich with content, which is exactly the desired outcome.