Asia Joy is a photographer who captures beautiful moments that is both documentary and artistic.

Some time ago, I designed a hand-lettered wordmark that acted as a personal logo and also a signature she could put in the corner of her photos because the slight angle the logo sat on balanced nicely with the edges.

With the revamp of her website and her branding, the angled logo was no longer applicable, so a centered and more equally balanced logo was needed.


Photography by Asia Joy

Asia enjoyed the contrast shown from the initial logo between the serif type, which showed the business side, and the hand-drawn script style, which showed the artistic side, and wanted to incorporate this into the new identity. She described her brand as being friendly, personal, artistic, simple and bold. What her brand wasn’t was editorial, vintage, and embellished.

Another necessity was that parts of the new logo could be brought together to create a simpler and less-detailed monogram that could be used as a signature on Asia’s photographs.

With these considerations in mind, I set out to design a logo unique to PhotobyJoy that worked well aligned horizontally.




With my initial approach, my aim was to design a logo that aligned well horizontally, but could also be stacked on top of another for more smaller spaces such as business cards or profile photos. I have also drawn the ‘P’ and the ‘J’ in a consistent style so that they seemed to belong to each other when brought together as a monogram.

While seemingly beautiful, this version lacked the contrast as the brief suggested, so I moved forward to create a serif type balancing with a hand-drawn style.



The logo was initially drawn to have the same weight throughout, but the weight on the words ‘Photoby’ was reduced to allow the word ‘Joy’ to stand out more, and also to look much more natural within the context of the website.

The logo can also stack on each other to fit into narrower spaces such as the common square of a profile photo.

And lastly, when the P and the J come together to form a monogram, the contrast between the serif and the script can still be seen so that there is consistency when the logo is both collapsed and expanded.

A custom serif type unique to the Joy brand comes together with a script style to show the sides of both documentary and artistic; this creates a logotype that can be easily applied onto any medium through its ability to stack or collapse into a monogram.