Guzman y Gomez needed an update for their menu design that allowed their customers to better follow the steps and provide ease of ordering, with other objectives such as increasing sales of drinks as well as an increase in average spend. To solve this problem, research of menu strategies was undertaken that addressed these objectives and could ultimately produce results. To allow this large amount of information easier to digest, the use of imagery was introduced to their menu as well as a numbered step process. Food photography showcased the variety of offerings and helped in making the menu easier to follow as well as increasing sales by promoting the ‘extras’. To increase sales of drinks, bundled meals were introduced where the different bundles were dedicated to an entire screen that rotated through different meals depending on the time of day. This design was made flexible to be put across different mediums such as main screens, take-away menus and drive through menus.

Grounded in research, this process concluded in a strategic, yet visually beautiful menu that achieved real results.

Studio: The Creative Method

Design Director: Lee Nicol

Creative Director: Tony Ibbotson