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Repackging Cigarettes for Successful Quitting

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Sam Lee | Hand-Lettering Artist and Designer

Coming from an art background, I have merged beauty with creative thinking to visually communicate strong ideas that are engaging, but upon further inspection, are meaningful and rich with content.
This allows me to provide a wide range of creative services that have a nice balance between concept and execution. I find most fulfillment when I use these skills to create exciting, meaningful, and concept-driven designs that visualizes new or existing ideas aimed at strengthening a brand, product, or service.
I would love to help you communicate your ideas.




Brand Strategy and Identity

I love the challenge of building a brand that people are proud to embrace and helping them communicate their story in an engaging and meaningful way. Through research, I understand a brand and present unique ideas that are the best design approaches for a business.
I also believe that design should have beauty, which captures the attention of the viewer and creates a memorable perception, whilst remaining carefully thought out and planned with a meaningful and precise strategy that is rooted in strong concepts.
All brands have a message; my process is simply to identify that message and highlight it in a way that reflects the core values of the business.

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